What is Perfect Money ? Instruction for registered and confirmed in fastly 3 steps!

Perfect Money (also be called PM).The currency is always used to be $ PM.

I.Instruction to register:
-Searching Perfectmoney.is page click to the lick for registeration and do the following as the picture then:

  • After registering you check your Gmail to get Logging ID
  • Then you get back the Perfectmoney.is page, and use the Logging ID to log in.
  • At this time the website page will change other page,you check your Gmail to get your PIN CODE ( Your Gmail will receive every different PIN CODE at every times to Log in.)
  • You log in the page also show your Perfect Money 👜 bag with 2  things ” Bag Code ” And ” Amount of Money “:
  • Note : Every unconfirmed account will be paid more 1.99% of amount money for transferring. 
    II. Introduction to Confirm✅:
  • You come to Setting part and fullfill your personal information.
  • Then you roll down to do steps by steps, at the second Step will take about 8 hours or till 3 days for Confirmation:
  • At the 📞phone call Number Confirmed step, the system will automatically call and support you one CODE, it is only spoken 2 times in English so You should record📹 it to got it correctly.

Note: To buy $PM, you can surf with “santienao.com” page or “autopaypm.com”  page to buy $.☺

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