Who is Leader???

Who is Leader?

Leader is a person who leads a team or a group people, or another way simply Leader is a person who has a affection with little famous their name in some market or some clear Plan.

There are 2 kinds of Leader

  • Leader works with real Heart and Level.
  • Leader works with Driving Chicks.

You can consider that someone who is correct for one or  two kinds of leaders above. I also think this is 100% right or 100% wrong, depends on any situation we will see them as well as different position.

Anyway, so clear and weird there are still 2 kinds of them. And this review we do not write  too much about  the Leader at the second kind. So now we look around to know more and more about  Real Leader who works with Real Heart and Level.

The truth of Real Sincere Leaders

1: Live Dictionary

They have a very good profession , they can answer nearly everything, so much experience, got a lot of winner🏆🎉🏆 but also many times for being losers.

It is so important that they can corporate with any members zealously, they give their experience to everyone to help more people to become winners or help not to lost unexpectedly studying fee .

2: Real Heart

In this Market HYIP-MLM , or in another one detail Plan they  NEVER  Fomo the Plan too much or try to let another Plan down just for PR their own Plan.

. They are always honest to tell everything clearly about their Plan, and support their partners as well as much, including not their registration line.

  • Specifically, Leader is honest who NEVER drive Chicks to die for escape the Plan or to get Profits from the loss of another partners, but they will Make Money with You, if there’s risk they will also get lost as the same as you do. Leader who works with Real Heart and Levels when they got lost in one plan, they were not only sad for their losing money but also for for the losing of every partner. You lost money you were sad off course but the leader would do 10 times or 100 times compare to you.

If you have worked been for long time you would understand and comprehend that market like a fight that’s so true, there are many people who scammed you for money, and for more and more money. But Leader who works with Real Heart and Levels Who never want to let everyone lose their money, except everyone get more money, more and more money only….

3: Cannot earn too much Money

This is compared to some sellers who drives Chicks. Or  Orange selling – these people can make money very much but almost money from dew , blood of compatriots.

And Honest Leader  who can make money and they’ll be deserved to get this Money.

4: Unhealthy Body

Yes this is real because just remind about how the Honest Leader look, it’s surely reminded very very skinny, even sick so poor , seriously even physiological weakness .

Nothing for discussion. In this market Crypto has only 2 equipments which always to be used are Laptops and smartphone. By sitting in the front of laptop💻 for brainstorm that get bigger and bigger belly. It it not easy to move with bigger and bigger Belly. And Bigger Belly something doesn’t work as well as before.

Typing from laptop usually gets damaged to ❤, click the mouse🐭 usually gets damaged to wrist. Besides spine will be calloused or growing thorns cause of sitting down for this business workings.

The other side, many guys often work and living in the evening time. And this right time , it’s known that almost these guys works with their hand to Type and Click and this is the reason why they have stomachache.

👀 always works with Blue Light in day and night time, being online for comment, replying questions, helping any one countiously, so this makes 👀 dry, tired, work, work, blink, blink then shortened eyesight or being blind soon….

Hand or legs rarely works then always feeling tired, lazy, or even being lazy to take a shower🚿 that’s a reason why they’re sick.

Some unspoken things ‘ Honest Leader:

  • Some Honest Leaders who works so hard or even harder and harder then they’re seriously sick like what described above.
  • They have to spend their whole time day or night to filter hundred💯 📝Plans, research,discover and introduce which is the best with Quality, Safety,Profits.
  • They have to go out for meeting Admin, CEO, support Plans to get more and more inner Information, to get more Benefits for their partners.
  • They have to test Plans by their own Money for investment.
  • It’s really risky for Leader to review their Plans because during review time they can be lost their account, or be hacked, so lost everything like most investment money account.
  • They have to brainstorm hard , pay money  for investment, advertisement for their Plans….

In Shorts, 

It is not easy and happy to be a Leader when you do know who is Leader, but if you decide to become a Leader you have to work harder and harder. Except, Leader with Driving Chicks Skills. But this skill is more difficult than the other one.

I mean that I do so, I do not care about Leader role because I don’t want to sick and so seriously Physiological Weakness. So too much money for what???

Do you know any Honest Leader? Then please send them these confidential words just let them know how we do comprehend and proud of them sincerely.

  • From: Rewrite from Mr.”TachiTeam”

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