(SUPER VIP) Richnetfund Review: Profits comes to 3.5% per each day (SCAM)

Rich Net Funds is the highly recommended Funds Managed Services’Supplier . Rich Net Funds is mainly services with business and gold🏆 diggings currencies service, with many higher costed materials service by many methods like direct ly sending service, deposits and CFD. Rich Net Funds also works with domestic stocks and foreign marker,  many tools for monetary market, bonds and securities. We also do believe in many newborn companies for our investments 🤑📦 that is very highly potential progress . We do also invest to many basic Funds and  many properties managed companies.


  • 🤭 Opened: 28/05/2021
  •  😇 Accepted Payments buy: Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum, Doge, USDT, Payeer.
  • Minimum🧐 Investments: 30$
  • Minimum🧐 Withdrawal : 10$
  • Withdrawn😳 Fee: 10%
  • Domestic Transference without paying any fee.
  •  Profit payment💰:5 days in a week. 
  • Payments💰: Mutual (from 1 hour to  96 ⌛hours)
  • The first profits will be received 📩after 48 hours⌛
  • Commission: F1 = 10% ; Equal 2 🤏Legs Binary: 10%
  • Money Back 8%  of amount saved money. 

II.Investments🤑 and Withdrawal Instructions :

  • After registered , click “Deposit”
  • Click Fiat
  • Choose “Perfect Money”
  • Enter amount of putting money amount you want to use.
  • Click “Deposit Fund”
  • Click”Investment”
  • Chose the type of your account
  • Chose “Self Invest”
  • Chose Plan Investment
  • Enter amount of money for investment.
  • Click Submit to finish

III. Some investment packages:

  • Bronze: Minimum investment with amount of money: 10$ – 5000$. Profit 2% daily for 80 working👨‍💻 days(ROI: 160%)
  • Silver: Minimum investment with amount of money: 5001$ – 25,000$. Profit 2.5% daily for 68 working 👨‍💻 days (ROI: 170%)
  • Gold:Minimum investment with amount of money:  25,001$ – 50,000$. Profit 3% daily for 60 working 👨‍💻days   (ROI: 180%)
  • Platinum: Đầu  Minimum investment with amount of money:  50,001$ – 100,000$. Profit 3.5%  daily for mỗi ngày 55 working👨‍💻 days (ROI: 192.5%)

IV. Systems’Commission:

  • Direct commission 10%
  • Binary commission 10% for the Paid Leg daily
  • More information about Binary Commission,research HERE  tại đây:

V. Lưu Ý:

  • Telegram chat: https://t.me/HyipDealHyip
  • Telegram Channel : https://t.me/DealHyipINFO
  • It is considered that 💯🙏 before counting the profits please remember profits always goes together 👫 with seriously🙁 risk so Please🙏 consider carefully to invest.
  • This review is only for reference tendency without invest calling . 
  • Wish 🙏every one success🏆💪 with the team !!!!
  • More statistical information from: InvestorsStartPage.comHyiplogsHyipbox

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